Gay Yokohama, Japan | The Fundamental LGBT Travel Guide!

The multi-cultural megalopolis of Yokohama could be the 2nd biggest area in Japan, however it is found just 30km southern area in the center of Tokyo; it’s fair to express the big brother overshadows it.

But there is however too much to see within effervescent area, such as microbreweries, jazz clubs, a thriving arts scene and a humming bayfront. And more affordable hotels and a decidedly slower rate of existence.

Yokohama features a lengthy history of development, commerce and diversity because of it getting one of the primary Japanese harbors as established to overseas trade in the 19


century – and even though there is a good homosexual world here, it’s really a lot more orientated towards bar discussions and locals.

That isn’t to say this isn’t enjoyable to explore; it simply is not very since untamed as
Tokyo’s gay lifestyle hub of Shinjuku Ni-chōme
Doyamacho, Osaka’s LGBT District.

Discreet, compartmentalized, often smaller than a cruise liner cabin and obsessed with purchase – though fortunately nearly as uptight as Tokyo – the homosexual pubs of Yokohama are distinctively Japanese and a personal experience, to make sure.

Females probably know many gay nightlife areas in Yokohama never generally speaking and neighborhood perceptions, which means most foreign people could only sample, but a few spots as individual friendships with members and strict Japanese-only principles determine who is going to enter. You may think this is exactly xenophobic – and it’s really – but this is done in large component to safeguard users from becoming evaluated by unknown criteria.

Japan is similar to nowhere more on Earth, so when those who have checked out before knows, the Japanese carry out acts really in a different way. Thankfully the continuous financial stagnation in Japan has made the country – plus the homosexual scene of Yokohama – a lot more ready to accept foreigners, so there are actually numerous gay areas that positively courtroom Gaijin (the Japanese term for foreign people) in their middle.

Homosexuality has not been prosecuted in Japan – it was not regarded as a sin, only shameful – and despite present styles of tolerance and freely homosexual places in cosmopolitan places like Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, and
, many Japanese homosexual males and lesbians however cover who they really are.

Being homosexual is commonly nonetheless viewed as your own option, and while homophobia is actually unheard of, Japanese community views getting homosexual as not something to-be flaunted or openly talked about.

This live-and-let-live mindset – providing outward shows are maintained – towards LGBT folks now could be earnestly hindering gay liberties in Japan. There is absolutely no governmental and social rubbing to propel circumstances forward, unlike in
, and

You’ll find couple of freely homosexual lawmakers, celebrities or people, therefore the nationwide Diet have but to take action on including intimate orientation in the united states’s civil rights rule.

Same-sex wedding isn’t appropriate at the national amount, though as of 2019, twenty towns and cities and area wards concern same-sex collaboration certificates, which offer some benefits; however, they might be completely symbolic.
Taiwan presently leads Asia in LGBT legal rights
, and with the developing impetus and huge plans of Kansai Pride, we hope this can remind Japanese culture and lawmakers to go over defenses and equivalence for many residents.

Despite this, homosexual people to Yokohama – and Japan – are highly not likely to see any discrimination whatsoever concerning intimate tastes. With a little but tight-knit homosexual world, a gorgeous skyline, delicious street meals, weird personalities and lots of unique destinations, Gay Yokohama is just one of the planet’s many underrated towns and cities and available to understand more about it further…

In this essay we will protect…

Attractions in Yokohama

Obviously, getting homosexual doesn’t establish which attractions we would like to see in each area, and most queer people should have a look at leading points to see in Yokohama during the day!

You will find so much to-do right here – but we found our favorite recollections happened to be roaming through, getting lost inside the apparently unlimited array of meals roads, roaming round the rejuvenated waterfront or using the
JR move
to explore the surrounding region. Still – it helps having some concept of the proceedings, very here you will find the finest things you can do in Yokohama, according to all of us!

One of the better ideas we could provide you with for discovering Gay Yokohama is to pre-order a travel SIM card for simple airport collection and activation when you appear, and that means you will likely not shell out a lot of money in intercontinental roaming fees.

Get restaurants suggestion and bookings on fly, public transport guidelines up to the minute, bar beginning hrs and, if it is your thing – use of homosexual hook-up software to learn more regarding the neighborhood scene.

Cellular phone information is fast, cheap and offered all over the place in Asia, it is therefore no surprise the majority of tourists elect to remain linked acquire from the beaten track (without ever before fretting about acquiring lost). So why wait?
Pre-order the best local SIM card now having it waiting for you in Yokohama whenever you arrive.

Activities to do  in Yokohama

Japanese Style Hot Spring Experience

Enjoy a-day of total relaxation with 18 different indoor and outdoor hot springs available. There isn’t any run, consider give them a go all?

There are unique hot baths to savor: rock and roll tub, jug shower, hot spring pool with therapeutic massage and sauna and after taking a dip, delight in a delicious Japanese-style food ready for your family from the on-site bistro.  Better yet, the hot springs hotel is a breeze to make it to — situated appropriate next to Kami-Hoshikawa Station.

Yokohama Chinatown

The greatest Chinatown in Japan and a welcome split should you decide for some reason previously get sick of Japanese meals. Prominent dishes to watch out for include cooked buns (Manju), ramen noodles and several various other Chinese dishes, though many of them have-been Japanized and therefore are nothing like you would find in
Hong Kong

There is also big Chinese new-year event presented right here from year to year all over beginning of February.

Harbour Cruise

Get wonderful views for the town in addition to well-known Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel from entirely from the water. Whip your camera and get magnificent shots with the attractive ocean and also the urban forest as Japanese artists and meal regale you on a wonderful your meal buffet or mid-day beverage. Japan is stressful, so why not take a moment off to unwind?

Yokohama Landmark Tower

How will you miss out the possiblity to head within the second-tallest building as well as the 4th tallest structure in Japan, standing 296.3 m large? Pick an obvious time for wonderful views of Mt. Fuji and Tokyo City – although you’re up there, why not prevent for a coffee at Sky pub? Perfect for going to by-day or by night.

Ōsanbashi Pier

The primary worldwide passenger pier within Port of Yokohama, nowadays worth checking out on a sunny day for the incredible views and a recently available restoration with has created an extensive, lightly curving observance patio on its roofing with rooted lawn places.


If you are using a
JR pass
for around Japan, miss out the crowd of visitors at Kyoto’s bamboo shrine and mind here. Whilst major temple hosts a historic Buddha, it is fair to express the emphasize here’s the picturesque yet small bamboo grove found behind the temple’s main hallway, which contains over 2000 soaring green bamboo stalks.

Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Charged due to the fact planet’s very first food-themed amusement park, it drops short right here but does not be put down – this is the most useful one-stop store to enjoy the flavors within this nationwide plate from distinguished shops across Japan without going on a plane.

Inside this mammoth complex, 10 ramen stores are showcased in a Tokyo street-scape replication from 12 months 1958, the season the entire world’s basic instantaneous ramen was actually formulated, and it also truly is a thing strange and distinctive observe.

Found out in Shin-Yokohama, it is also a convenient end for those who have a
JR Pass
, while the Shinkansen practice prevents and departs only a few mins away for Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto while the remaining portion of the country.

Yokohama Museum of Art

Invest a couple of hours wandering through this modern-day museum, the home of extreme selection of art from belated 19th century until the present day, such as Dali, Magritte, Cézanne, and Picasso, along with works by musicians who’ve been related to Yokohama considering that the conclusion of Edo period and through Meiji duration.

As Yokohama is amongst the birthplaces of photography in Japan, there is a substantial collection of picture taking on display.

Yokohama Cosmoworld

It isn’t typically you can visit an entertainment park in the center of a city, but which exactly what Cosmoworld provides. an emphasize of every see needs to be a ride in the Cosmo Clock 21, formerly the tallest Ferris wheel worldwide however now basically the tallest in the world with a-clock face. Nonetheless, the opinions of Mt. Fuji in the day time hours of this neon skyline by night can be worth it by yourself.

Red Brick Warehouse

a traditional building complex lately completely renovated and today hosting design stores, cafes and various off-events. While we can not recommend Bills café – initially from
– a trip into regional (and no-cost) Japan coast-guard Museum Yokohama is advised attain a look from the famous North Korean Spy Ship.

Kawasaki Warehouse

A five-story arcade facility in Kawasaki, an easy 30-minute journey from the Yokohama center. It really is created specifically to check like the former Kowloon Walled City in Hong-Kong, though it comes with a gritty Cyberpunk aesthetic from time to time.

Once in, your efforts attain here will likely be rewarded with levels of games, pool dining tables, crane machines, pachinko and much more. The environment let me reveal like few other gaming arcade destination we attempted in Japan and well worth the travel – if only for all the Instagram shots and dancing Dance Revolution sets to Justin Beiber.

Yokohama Variety Parade

Very first held in 2015, this local type of Pride appears to don’t end up being running. You ought to rather just be sure to go to close by

Tokyo Rainbow Pride,

a surprisingly family-friendly occasion conducted in Yoyogi Park in April.

Although the organizers have actually large intentions to develop the event on the most significant in Asia, Tokyo Pride reveals in several ways Japan is within the Stone Age whenever just 7,000 people participate compared to thousands and thousands in
Hong Kong
– not forgetting European countries or US!

Still, it’s incredible to see NGOs and brands getting agreeable once the event develops – especially the procession which will take throughout the roadways of Shibuya and Harajuku. In a country in which modesty around outsiders is paramount and sexual inclination isn’t something you should end up being flaunted, we could only hope enhanced presence as time goes by assists new generations of Japanese feel at ease enough to end up being which they are.

Gay-Friendly and Gay Hotels in Yokohama

As Yokohama is amongst the more modern and gay-friendly nations in Asia, pretty much every lodge in Yokohama can be viewed gay-friendly, and not one in our visitors will experience any problems here. All things considered, being gay-friendly is certainly not everything about trendy deluxe but about offering friendly solution and welcoming everybody else with available arms!

Yokohama, similar to towns in Japan, features a severe lack of area, so room sizes are smaller than just about everywhere else in the arena – but as a number of gay males learn, it’s not all about dimensions but exactly how you utilize it! We have been dealing with design, efficiency and opinions, darling!

That being said, everyone wants to end up being in the middle of people who have common interests, and therefore, there are many well-known gay-friendly places in Yokohama being hot spots for gay travelers to remain – either because of their place nearby the Yokohama gay community – the number 1 place in which to stay Yokohama if you are looking for gay nightlife – or their own style and inclusive vibes.

The next hotels in Gay Yokohama have the ability to had glowing tips from homosexual people before, but of course,
there are numerous some other resorts in Yokohama
if normally not quite what you are seeking.

Whether need a great and personal hostel, an affordable spot to crash after every night of partying or an ultra-chic fashion designer choice to sip cocktails and encompass your self with fabulous folks  – Gay Yokohama has actually one thing for everybody!

InterContinental Yokohama Grand â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

A landmark building in Yokohama, this sleek and stylish lodge towers above all other people in Yokohama and it is the most famous lodge amongst our very own LGBT visitors…and for a good reason. The InterContinental Yokohama great soars magnificently over the converted town heart like a sleek yacht under cruise, and inside, you’ll find that this renowned lodge in suits your per require, including a physical fitness middle, health spa, two taverns, and five restaurants.

Near to all significant attractions in Yokohama, however with the spectacular views in the Bay and Bay Bridge from the sea-view room, it really is not likely might actually need to keep your luxurious constraints for long.

Yokohama Regal Park Hotel â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

Inaugurated in 1993, this lodge may be the stunning centerpiece of the Minatomirai 21 location, a city within a city idea in Yokohama, which combines state-of-the-art amenities with a cozy, appealing environment. Regardless if you are remaining for business or satisfaction, you’ll enjoy becoming pampered by world-class service in lavish surroundings.

Spacious areas offer breathtaking views of Yokohama Bay Bridge and the snow-clad mountains of Mount Fuji past. Meticulous focus on detail, great features and first-class hospitality blend generate a hotel with scaled new heights of deluxe.

Hotel Revise Yokohama â˜†â˜†â˜†â˜†

a stylish, modern-day and incredibly affordable resort positioned near to the gay world of Yokohama – with a trains and buses place just minutes out. Appreciate bright, contemporary rooms, an unfussy restaurant concentrating on both stews and whiskey, and staff who will be constantly ready to assist – it doesn’t matter how small or big the issue is in the middle of Yokohama for those who need to see and do it all.

Prostyle Ryokan Yokohama Bashamichi â˜†â˜†â˜†

A brand new resort that honors the multi-cultural and radiant reputation for Yokohama while offering an original layout idea with celebrates Japanese-Western eclecticism.

Modern-day wanderers are attracted with an incredible rest on reasonable beds similar to old-fashioned Japanese motels – that includes furnitures like tatami mats, report sliding doorways, and latticework – yet provide modern-day luxuries the travelers of outdated could only think of.

Processed in features, there’s a feeling of tranquility right here that money cannot purchase – except could, and it’s really interestingly inexpensive.

Y’s Cabin Yokohama Kannai â˜†â˜†

(Temporarily or permanently closed. If you know one thing, kindly advise an edit.)

One of several most affordable hotel options in Yokohama; when you have constantly wanted remaining in a capsule lodge, here is your opportunity! With male- and female-only floors, these contemporary but straightforward capsules provide Wi-Fi access, flat-screen TVs and lockers, in addition to shared bathrooms.

The emphasize of every stay has to be the public bathhouse and a spa to relax before going to sleep, but there are also laundry features and morning meal provides at a fee, in the event you need all of them.

Gay Nightlife in Yokohama

With Japan becoming the most gay-friendly places in Asia – joined from the loves of
, and
Hong Kong
–  you really need to go ahead and explore any of the nightlife choices in Yokohama as you like.

However, if you intend to generate brand new pals acquire with your international queer family, discover about 30 gay bars and combine pubs in Yokohama to explore. Focused around the gay community of Nobe facing Sakuragicho facility near Motomachi share, Nobe is found on the exact opposite part throughout the Sakuragicho facility through the Minato Mirai location, where high-rise structures make.

We couldn’t probably list each place right here – some of which are little more than broom closets – and have now focussed on those that are foreign-friendly with a spot of a positive change.

We do have to confess, however, the homosexual nightlife world of Tokyo overshadows Yokohama, and here you might be very likely to get a hold of a quiet talk and brand-new friends compared to untamed clubbing encounters of Ni-chōme Shinjuku in Tokyo, which houses the planet’s greatest attention of homosexual pubs.

As a result of the sized pubs here, customers normally sit at a club and spend night talking away with other patrons therefore the ordinarily charismatic bartenders. Karaoke normally very fashionable and is a surefire method of getting the shy Japanese to open upwards. You could also attempt plying these with alcohol or environment them loose in a dark area, but we are going to get right to the sauna and sail places later.

Almost all of the tiny bars in Yokohama are frequented by regulars, and so function a bottle-keep program – unheard-of inside the western – the place you keep the own package of alcohol behind the club for future check outs.

The social groupings tend to be these taverns typically very good, with bars organizing excursions to onsens, sports, picnics and. They are really a family right here, and you will see this generally in photos typically exhibited across the club.

We found many bar proprietors, acknowledged “Mamas” or “Masters,” is exceedingly pleasant to clients and gaijin, although not all – specifically those where the Mamas or clientele try not to talk English.

This is certainly to save their unique clients from any embarrassment generally speaking – also to a particular degree, we comprehend and agree. Right here we’ve integrated solely those we discovered inviting to foreign people, however if you have a local friend or fundamental Japanese abilities, we encourage you to the Nobe Gay community explore furthermore.

Gay Bars & Clubs In Yokohama


Our favorite gay bar to head to in Yokohama with karaoke and complimentary entry to those who is going to reveal their unique passport. Guys only are pleasant right here – from 7.30 until belated. You will find an adult audience, and bartenders just communicate Japanese, however the drinks are powerful, and clients are welcome.

10 Carat

(Temporarily or permanently closed. If you know one thing, please suggest an edit.)

Just nearby to Mons, this club idolizes the 70’s and 80’s, using master, Tatsuya, top the charge since 1998. Take pleasure in his cozy hospitality, lovely individuality, tasty snacks…and possibly some karaoke.

Treat The Wing

(Temporarily or permanently shut. Knowing some thing, kindly recommend an edit.)

a calm club performs gentle jazz songs with their more aged clients.


(Temporarily or once and for all closed. Knowing some thing, please suggest an edit.)

Among most recent homosexual pubs in Yokohama, Underground appeals to younger dudes through to their particular mid-40s with complimentary karaoke and their remarkably popular all-you-can-drink offer for 3,000 yen on Fridays and Saturdays…With little time limitation!

Club MW

A little but extremely trendy bar is attracting {
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